About Us

Montilla Ceramic is a manufacturer and exporter of tiles with various types and size ranges. Proud to be an indigenously made in INDIA product with an international presence.

Committed, Determined and Ambitious, Montilla is anticipating a wholly modern approach to living cum luxury. Under the innovative vision of creative founders, this House has redefined luxury for this decade, further reinforcing its position as one of the Morbi’s most creative ceramic houses. Contemporary, antique, attractive —Montilla products resemble the summit of Indian craftsmanship and are surpassed for their quality and attention to detail.

Montilla will continue to be a competitor and game-changer when the germane is connecting the dots. Being a stand-alone firm, Montilla will always beat the odds.

Work with authenticity

With the real touch of nature, Montilla is committed in making the Natural & reliable product.

Create with integrity

Ethics & commitment are the foremost pillars of Montilla, and we don’t compromise ourselves with that.

Lead with teamwork

With a self-energized dedicated team, Montilla is endeavouring every goal. We have always delivered the positivity.

Maintain excellence

Perseverance is an exclusive key for Montilla to attain a summit with a positive approach with every aspect & we have never compromised with that.

Why Choose us?

Research & Development

We have home base Research & Development team committed and dedicated to research and analyse with the help of resources in all departments of company.

Quality Assurance

Quality is our habit not a task. We are the group of companies in the industry to obtain ISO and CE standards that are representing international standards.

Customer Service

We are providing an exclusive customer service. We have dedicated & professionally trained staff to help you with products and with other services as well

Environmental Sustainability

We taking care of environment and the ecosystem with each of our footprints using the eco friendly advance technology


We always offer an exclusive range of premium products with the help of our traditional skills and modern cutting edge technology.

Design Corner

It is the heart of everything we do. We are proud of our skilled designers for developing the versatile tiles designs.

At modern times it appropriates the apparent expedience of contemporary commercial design but, perhaps more often than not, the work emerges out of a form of exclusive that draws on many different skills, technologies, and materials. We are however always concerned with the nature of making, content, clay, etc.
Conceding nature to ameliorate product is what lures us. We got oodles of stash of natural collections which are ardent yet dapper. Montilla makes sure the ceramic is rich with an attitude of quality to console nature.
Vision & Mission
We are the house of ceramics and we don't compromise. When the germane is quality, we make sure it is above par. We don't develop the product we develop the attitude to excel the creativity. Our aim is to gain recognition and acceptance in all the niches that we have not covered yet. We aspire to outrun this simplicity & Luxury to meta-level.